Our goal is to achieve consistently high risk adjusted returns through a non-correlated asset class...

...while supporting pancreatic cancer research in the process.

Diversified Futures Program

An exchange traded, diversified futures investment strategy with the goal of obtaining high risk-adjusted returns while striving to protect investor capital against adverse volatility using a discretionary methodology.

Non-Correlated Investment

Our strategic goal is to provide an added layer of portfolio diversification with minimal correlation to other investments.

Risk Management

We aim to achieve risk control through both static and dynamic parameters along with a strict adherence to managing correlation risk.

Liquidity Advantage

We only participate in futures markets that provide the depth and liquidity to quickly adjust positions without detracting from performance.

Tax Advantage

Favorable tax treatment under IRS section 1256; 60% long term and 40% short term capital gains. Ongoing tax reform in Congress may change this.

LILLIAN NICOLA ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC IS A 4.7 EXEMPT NFA-MEMBER COMMODITY TRADING ADVISOR OFFERING MANAGED ACCOUNTS exclusively to qualified institutions and sophisticated high net worth investors (QEPs).