Management Biographies



Steven Wendlandt is a co-founder, owner and Principal/AP/Trader at Lillian Nicola Asset Management, LLC.

Since 1992, Mr. Wendlandt has held positions with several hedge funds, CTAs and broker/ dealers including:

Trader / San Juan Investments, Ltd.
Trader / San Juan Offshore
Trader-Analyst / NDSC/Southwest Commodities
Director of Marketing / GRO Corporation
Trader / Starboard Capital Partners, L.P.
President / Sequoia Capital Management
Trader / Generic Trading

Steve was previously registered with NFA as required by certain positions held at the companies listed above.  Specifically he was registered as an associated person with the CFTC and an NFA member under his own name from January 14, 1997 until April 2, 1998.  He was also with Norman David Seaburg (NDSC) as a CFTC registrant from April 17, 1996 and NFA associate member from March 6, 1996 until May 30, 1996.


Alessandro Torre is a co-founder, owner and Principal/AP/Trader at Lillian Nicola Asset Management, LLC.

Alessandro graduated in 2009 from the University of Houston with a degree in chemical engineering. Prior to co-founding LNAM, he was an engineer for Air Liquide.  While at Air Liquide, Mr. Torre rose to the position of Gulf Coast Zone Engineer where he was responsible for efficiency, reliability and safety projects across the company’s 8 Gulf Coast plants.

Leveraging his mathematics and physics background, in 2011, Mr. Torre helped research and develop various trading techniques with Mr. Wendlandt. As a result of these studies, they decided to pursue the discretionary trading approach which Lillian Nicola Asset Management, LLC now employs.